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Sitnikov Sergey V.

Sitnikov Sergey V.
Date of birth: August 16, 1952.
Address: Ukraine. 83095 Donetsk. Street Station House 43 chitatel2000@yandex.ru
Marital status: Married. 
Self-education, number theory
Work experience: He was in correspondence with the now deceased Professor Dr. N. A. Borone a.i. 
Achievements: 1. Recurrent formula of the algorithm of the Ertothenes Solver
2. "Exact" value
3. Leandra hypothesis
4. Goldbach's hypothesis
5. Proof of the hypothesis of the infinity of prime numbers, twins
6. Technical Challenge-Farm theorem
7. False Infinity in Mathematics
8. Images and words in mathematics
9. Speculative Mathematics
10. A passion for generalizations
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After several publications I realized to the article, to the solutions problems in the article, no claims. Some are confused by the simplicity of the methods that lead to problem solving. 
Would anyone agree to be my co-author and issue an article worthy of your editorial manner. Sergei Sitnikov

"The Adventures of Apisa": The decision of APIs summed up the result of his work by writing a small note in the rubric "science"-News of the Theory of numbers satisfied, once again read, and clicked on the Send button. The computer responded obediently-sent. And Apisa fancied that the computer was satisfied with the anticipation of the rest. But APIs opened a new document and gave the sentiment. Do not swear at all, neither heaven, nor earth, nor thy head, do not swear. Let your word be: Yes, yes, no, no, and that beyond that, it is from the evil one. (Gospel) swore, or made a decision. And in that and in other case you yourself or someone, something is obliged... The computer choked with the indignation of the cooler, but continued regularly rustling blades. 
And so, you have made a decision: everything flows, everything changes, but not for you, you are the slaves of the decision. So many acquired complexes of false superiority, or derogatory attitude towards oneself, and what is it about? Because of what he did, or failed to fulfill his own decision. And the measure of your achievements, and remains a measure of your solvency (as a person in the first place), and not a measure of accepted and executed decisions. 

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Нужен перевод

Ситников Сергей Васильевич
Дата рождения: 16 августа 1952 года.
Адрес: Украина. 83095 Донецк. Улица Станционная дом 43    chitatel2000@yandex.ru
Телефон: 380660860297
Семейное положение: Женат.
Самообразование, теория чисел
Опыт работы: Состоял в переписке  с  ныне покойным профессором Д.Н.У. Бородин А.И. 
1. Рекуррентная формула алгоритма решета Эратосфена
2. «Точное» значение
3. Гипотеза Лежандра
4. Гипотеза Гольдбаха
5. Доказательство гипотезы о бесконечности простых чисел, близнецов
6. Техническая задача – теорема Ферма
7. Ложная бесконечность в математике
8. Образы и слова в математике
9. Спекулятивная математика
10. Страсть к обобщениям
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Нужен соавтор для перевода, оформления и публикации препринта статьи.
«Решения столетних проблем теории чисел»
Дополнительная информация: Dear Author,

You have been informed that the paper must be in English or French. We cannot process this submission.

-Annals of Mathematics

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Сергей Ситников <chitatel2000@yandex.ru> wrote:

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I am looking for a co-author to translate the design and publication of the Preprint of the article.

I am looking for a co-author to translate the design and publication of the Preprint of the article.
"Solutions to century-old problems of number theory»

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Modern problems of number theory

Modern problems of number theory

"The purpose of the seminar is to attract the attention of participants to the actual problems of number theory and related branches of mathematics. We are waiting for speakers who are ready to share with the participants of the seminar open questions (which, in the opinion of the speaker, do not require too much special training), and possible approaches to their study.
The seminar does not discuss unpublished solutions to pretentious mathematical problems such as the Riemann hypothesis, the Goldbach problem, the twin problem, etc.»

The last paragraph says that the established system, if you try to bring it out of balance, resisting, spreads around the miasma, trying to return to the established position. 
The struggle of a particular person, with such a well - established system, is counter-productive. When the system falls behind in development, life itself will make the system change. If it's not too late.

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Для любителей проблем теории чисел

Для любителей проблем теории чисел