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What is meant by the word (event) specialists, can be read in many works on this subject, but we dwell on the definition (event) it is something that has already happened, regardless of whether we know it or not and regardless of the wide range of both General and special interpretations. This definition accept for the fact that to portray the events as objects that have between themselves interaction, interrelation of different strength.

The event may not arise out of nothing.

Event, it's a closed circle in the chain of the previous events. The event, (a closed circle in the chain), in turn becomes a link open (not closed) chain consisting of events. Which are connected between themselves interactions, interactions of different strength.

Any event leaves a trail.

As between events there will always be some interaction, one or other of the forces. And the interaction of this footprint, which can pass from event to event. Open chain due to interactions between events, will exist before the circuit in a circle, before turning to a new event. In the new event, theoretically, one can detect traces of all previous events. In practice, though, in most cases, this is not feasible.

There is a completely isolated from each other event? No. The disappearance of any interactions between events, relationships, means, between the objects is the ideal infinity. And this is already the objects from different worlds, they do not know about the existence of each other.

The events of the expected and is not expected.

There are several types of events, some events we build in the chain of themselves, they are, of these events aim to get the closed chain, that is, the new expected, desired, dependent on us event. But the results are unpredictable, because the chain of embedded randomly (or intentionally) the alien is not controlled by us events

Will the closure of the chain, and the expected event? Or to not expected event. 't know. One can say, without building up the chain of their subordinates events, it is impossible to short circuit in the expected event.

Let us return to the problem of axioms on the properties of the numbers.

Lately there appeared a tendency, I call it passion to generalize on the contrary. The desire to immediately (in all), to reach the initial framework, to the pristine building blocks, find and solve the overall problem. The first approach, the General problem arises from the work on private matters. The second approach, (on the contrary), the first General problem, then we'll see. If you know the measure of the deviation from the measures, both approaches productive. But the slide in the conversation for the sake of conversation more is possible in the second approach.

The properties of numbers. Take the properties of numbers for the completed event, the existing object. Can we accept as an axiom, the very fact of the existence of the properties of numbers? Then operations with numbers take for the process of increasing the chains of the controlled us events, at the end of which the expected result, chain locks, and can get the new expected event (the result). And come in parallel operation with the properties of numbers, which we take for the process of increasing the chain, but are not subject to us the events, at the end of which the expected result, in the form of a new event. Something like a black box, on the one hand laid, the expected output received, but what's inside is not so important. The main result would be expected. If I can't explain the contradiction, whether in such a way around it?

A mathematical approach would look like:

Find the number of Prime numbers in an interval

laid in a black box
At the output of the received result for the interval

A (n) numbers have changed properties, but display it in a mathematical form is impossible. What happened in the mathematical point of view, in a black box doesn't matter, the result (with the help of reasoning) we expect for the time interval

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