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Find the approximate value (k)

Formula algorithm Sieve of Eratosthenes
This is the formula the state, not the process. Why is the state? Yes, because at every step of the calculation, we have to search for the next prime number (manually). No formula gives directly next prime number, except formulas sorting options.
To get the formula for the process, you need to find a formula for the algorithm without primes. For example:

 Question evidence of identity of the two formulas is not necessary. Because the second formula, and at the first, different intervals on which they work. Necessary and sufficient for the second formula to find the balance point, if the first formula is approximately equal to the value
Then for the second formula,

on which you can calculate the number of primes in the interval
with the calculation error varies periodically sign. The point of equilibrium

But I can only point boundary value

Approximate value (k) suggest, to try to find everyone.
Can you luck smiles. Likely value (k) is constant.
Sergey Sitnikov


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