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Chimeras of mathematics

The paradox of the situation (statement, statement of opinion or conclusion)that can exist in reality, but has no logical explanation.

Chimeras of mathematics, this notion of the inverse of a paradox.

Chimeras of mathematics, logical explanation for what exists in the form of fantastic images.

There is a Logical explanation, but does not exist in reality.

For example: Negative numbers. Fantastic image of a minus sign and a number.

Chimera should work together and are invented chimeric interaction according to the same scheme, as invented by the chimeras themselves. That is connected Incompatibles and please himernoye interaction. And now the most important thing in the art that goes with a Bang, sexual intercourse through tails seems appropriate to fit into the outline. This art. In mathematics this room does not pass. In mathematics there must be rules of interaction, and, besides, these rules may not be chimeric. They should be strictly logically justified. Here he is a stumbling block for many irrepressible souls who raise these issues.

If you do not touch these issues, they repeatedly will pop out of themselves. Because if there is a Chimera, should be, and the rules of their interaction among themselves and with the real world.

In order to avoid mistakes.

Hence, we need that?

Rules with logical explanations.

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