среда, 10 июня 2015 г.

The distribution of Prime numbers in groups.

The distribution of Prime numbers in groups. These groups consist of different number of primes. But the main feature of these groups, the gaps between them. 
These are the biggest gaps in the interval 

And the biggest Prime number in the interval (1), these gaps limiting.
These spaces make up a number according to the following rule, 
Of the two bounding, the biggest gap, primes, we obtain the following interval. (1). In this interval, we find a space with the above properties, we obtain the following interval of the form (1). And so on continuing, will receive an endless number of spaces. And get groups of primes separated by these, in an ever-widening gaps.
If we build another of the same number, but with a different initial interval. (1). There is a problem of large gaps.
Namely, will converge if two rows in one row?
Can we call the result of the distribution of primes, in this way in groups, Clustered distribution of Prime numbers? I think it is possible.

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